Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cancer By the Hour

8:05 am. Discussed my chemo and lack of nausea with a parent in the school parking lot.

8:53 am. Took phone call from woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice. She says that having cancer gave her the opportunity to fight for her life. I'll have to think about this one. She also recommends a plastic surgeon.

Mid morning. Answered emails I had sent the night before to people at the Breast Cancer Resource Center because I should probably find a support group.

12:25 pm. Talked to a volunteer from Cancer Connection about my situation. We discussed my being paired with a "cancer buddy" who would with any luck be close to my age and have/had a child close to my child's age when she was in treatment. When asked what my ideal buddy might be like, I had the forethought to mention that although I identify as Christian, I don't want someone who's mega-religious.

1:07 pm. Talked to my friend J, with whom I had not spoken since last month. She offered to come and stay with me sometime.

Mid afternoon. Read and sent more emails about having cancer and needing support.

7-9 pm. Met with an overall wise woman and talked about having cancer and all the things I have to do to stay well during treatment, and the possible places I can get the support I need to keep house and home together.

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