Friday, November 21, 2008

Rad Rads

How do people blog all the time, every day? Their hip flexor muscles must be frozen at 90 degree angles!

This week in radiation: I have taken a "break" from my 28-day regimen to do a five-day "boost." This means they are now radiating only the tumor bed, from three angles. My clavicle has gotten very red and a bit painful from the other regimen and Dr. Trip decided to let me have a break and allow my skin to heal a little bit before we resume.

Here's what all I have tried to get some relief from the pain and itching:

Domoboro soaks (it's a powdered astringent you mix in water)
Gene's Vitamin E cream (you can only buy this online)
Cetaphil cream
Aquaphor ointment
Aveeno cream
hydrocortisone cream
an OTC steroid cream
RadX cream
Lily of the Desert aloe vera gel

Domoboro is good for skin irritations like poison ivy. RadX seems to be the best at relieving pain. The aloe vera is good for immediate relief but it flakes off or sheds in little rolls, because of its gel texture. Ibuprophen helps keep down the inflammation. Aquaphor is greasy but it's great to apply it before a shower so your skin doesn't get dried out from warm water.

Just one more boost treatment today. Then, it's three regular treatments next week, Thanksgiving break, then the final two. They throw confetti on you on your last day.

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